Arcade Piano Notes - Duncan Laurence ft. FLETCHER

" Arcade " is a song by Dutch singer-songwriter Duncan Laurence from the album Small Town Boy and the EP Worlds on Fire.   Song: Arcade Singers: Duncan Laurence and Cari Elise Fletcher Album: Small Town Boy and the EP Worlds on Fire Songwriters: William Douglas Burr Knox / Duncan De Moor / Joel Nils Anders Sjoo / Cari Elise Fletcher / Wouter H Hardy Label: Spark Genre: Pop Released: 2019 Scale: F major   Arcade Piano Notes     Intro…   A +CB +DG GA A +CB +DG GA     A broken heart is all that's left CC DE C-B DC   I'm still fixing all the cracks C DE C-B BC   Lost a couple of pieces when G GF ED GE   I carried it, carried it, carried it home C GGG DDD D E -A     I'm afraid of all I am +C +D+E +CB DC   My mind feels like a foreign land +C+C +D+E +CB B+C   Silence ringing inside my head +G +G+F +E+D +G+E   Please carry me, carry me, carry me home +C +G+G+G +D+D+D +D +E A  

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Sargam Notes

Bohemian Rhapsody is a song from the album A Night at the Operah by the British Rock Band Queen, sung and written by Freddie Mercury.


Bohemian Rhapsody Sargam Notes

Song: Bohemian Rhapsody

Album: A Night at the Operah

Band: Queen

Singer: Freddie Mercury

Songwriter: Freddie Mercury

Released: 1975

Genre: Progressive rock, Hard rock

Label: EMI



Bohemian Rhapsody Sargam Notes


Is this the real life?

गधसां गधसां गधसां   गधसां   गधसां         (एक साथ)


Is this just fantasy?

रेमेसां रेमेसां गमेसां रेमेसां रेमेसां सामेध        (एक साथ)


Caught in a landslide,

मपनि मपनि मपनि मधसां मपनि            (एक साथ)


No escape from reality.

सां सां रें सां नि


Open your eyes,


Look up to the skies and see,




I’m just a poor boy,



I need no sympathy,



Because I’m easy come, easy go,

 नि  सां   रेंरें   सां    निनि   सां


Little high, little low,

रेंरें    सां    निनि   सां


Anyway the wind blows



Doesn’t really matter to me,

मे मे मे मे  प़  नि़   नि


To  me

नि़ सासा






सा     सां गं   धं   पं

सा     सां गं   धं   पं



Mama, just killed a man,

     सा  रे   


Put a gun against his head,

रे         रे


Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead.

रे      रे



Mama, life had just begun,



But now I’ve gone And thrown it all away,

पध  सां सां सां सां सां     रे



Mama, ooo…



Didn’t mean to make you cry,

धध  नि       


If I’m not back again this time tomorrow,

सा सा       नि नि  सांनि


Carry on, carry on

पधसां    पधम


As if nothing really matters.

सासारे   रे    रेसा






रें मं

सां मं

नि मं

नि मं

सा     सां गं   धं   पं

सा     सां गं   धं   पं



Too late, my time has come,

     सा  रे   


Sends shivers down my spine,

रे         रे


Body’s aching all the time.

रे      रे



Goodbye, everybody, I’ve got to go.



Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth

पध  सां सां सां सां सां     रे


Mama, ooo…



I don’t wanna die

धध  नि       


I sometimes wish I’d never been born at all.

सा सा       नि नि  सांध





पमसां      रें

रें मंमं  रें मंमं   पं  रें



सांरेंगंमं  साँ

सांरेंगंमं  साँ +रें

गंमंरें गंमंरें गंमंपं

पधनि    पं    नि





I see a little silhouetto of a man,



Scaramouch, scaramouch,

मेमे  नि  मेमे  नि


Will you do the fandango!

मे मे मे    मे


Thunderbolts and lightning,



Very, very frightening me.

धधधधमे नि नि














Gallileo, Figaro




निनिसां  रे रे



I’m just a poor boy,

रे  सासानि़  सासा


Nobody loves me.

रे  सासानि़  सा



He’s just a poor boy

रें  सांसांनि  सां


From a poor family.

रेंरेंसां  निनिसां


Spare him his life

रें निसां


From this monstrosity.

धधप  पपसां


सांसां रेंमं सांमं निमं निमं


Easy come, easy go,

रेंरेंसां   निनिसां


Will you let me go?




सा सा


No, we will not let you go.

मं   पपधनिधप


Let him go!




सा सा


We will not let you go.



Let him go!




सा सा


We will not let you go.



Let me go!



Will not let you go.



Let me go!



Never let you go



Let me goooo

मंमंगं   सां    मे


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

        नि  सां  गं  मं


Oh mama mia, mama mia

सां सांसां  रेंसां   सांसां  रेंसां


Mama mia, let me go

सांसां रेंसांनिधप


Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me,

सां  मं  मंमं मंमं गंगं गंगंधं धं  सां


For me,



For meee






मं नि सांरेंगंमं

मं नि सांरेंसां

मं नि सांरेंगंमं

पंनिसां रेंगंरें





So you think you can stone me

निं  निं  निं  धं  धं  धं  पं


And spit in my eye?

पं पं  मं मं  गंमेंपं


So you think you can love me

निं निं  निं  धं  धं  धं   पं


And leave me to die?

पं पं  मं मं  निंसाँ+रें


Oh, baby,

धंनिं  धं पं


Can’t do this to me, baby,

निं निं निं धं धं धं पं



Just gotta get out,

मं मंमंमंपं


Just gotta get right outta here.

मं मंमंमंपं  मं





गं नि सां रेंगंमं

मं नि सां रें सां

मं नि  सां रें गंमं

पं निसां रें गं मंपं


ध़नि़सा नि़सारे सारे



सारेगरेगम पधनि  नि नि सां




रेमधरें            पम

  नि निसांनि      सां   रें  रेंगंसां



Nothing really matters,

निं  धं  मं    सां सां


Anyone can see,

धं  पं  मं  गं  सां


Nothing really matters,

धं मं  पं धं मं रें


Nothing really matters,

धं पं पं मं मं रें


To me

गं मं





    सां  रें गं रें गं

सां      सां  रें गं रें गं

सां      सां  सां रें सां रें


सां  नि  नि      मे  रे सा   

रें   पं      गं   पं   रें   पं   रें   पं   सां   पं   

Bohemian Rhapsody Piano Notes

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